Engineered for Production to Help You Optimize Productivity

At C&M, we don’t take shortcuts. Instead, we engineer parts and assemblies for production. Throughout your customer journey, from quotation to engineering to production to delivery, we keep focused on what matters most: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

As a result of this unwavering dedication to excellence, we delivered better than 6σ performance last year to one of our largest customers by:

  • Shipping More Than 5 Million Parts
  • Experiencing Zero Returns
  • Delivering 99.82% of Orders On-time

Because we specialize in precision machining, we can do the same for you by:

  • Meeting the Most Complex Dimensional Specifications (down to .0001”)
  • Working Closely with Your Team
  • Developing a Detailed Understanding of Your Application
  • Providing Relevant Feedback
  • Creating an Effective Partnership

This combination of superior technical expertise, matchless devotion to our craft and a deep desire to help our customers succeed is what we call The Art of the Part – a repeatable process that we use to ensure the quality of every part that leaves our facilities.

To take advantage of our engineering and manufacturing excellence…

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