Collaborating to Stay Focused

When visual clarity is essential to the effectiveness of the microscopes, lasers, telescopes, cameras, glasses or other optical equipment you manufacture, our high precision assemblies and components can help. By providing a unique combination of engineering and production expertise, we can help you see the big picture and the details at the same time.

Our AS9100D, ITAR, NIST and FFL certifications qualify us to manufacture optical product components, including:

  • Contacts
  • Nuts
  • Plungers
  • Retainer Tubes
  • Shafts
  • Shoulder Screws
  • Sleeves
  • Stand-Offs
  • Threaded Inserts

Our combination of quality parts and components, and engineering expertise helps to ensure the superior design and functionality of numerous products, including:

  • Adjustable Stops
  • Adjuster Assemblies
  • Adjustment Knobs & Wheels
  • Battery Caps & Inserts
  • Close Focus Stops
  • End Caps
  • Eye Pieces
  • Flanges
  • Flexures
  • Housings
  • Insulators/Diodes
  • Lens Retainers
  • Mounts

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